We are very pleased to announce that after months of preparation, the first version of our chrome extension is finally ready and available on the chrome store.

We have spent an enormous amount of time and energy on this, and we truly hope it can serve the community as good as we think it could.

What’s deepcoin Protect ?

So first of all, what’s deepcoin Protect you might ask ?

deepcoin Protect is a chrome extension that protects you from phishing scams, and makes sure the website, social channel or wallet you’re interacting with is the official one and not a fake.

It serves not only as a protection against scams, but also as a directory of all the official channels of crypto projects, as it gives you the list of all the channels of the project you’re visiting, be it cryptos, exchanges, agencies, news sites or influencers.

Why deepcoin Protect ?

We built deepcoin Protect after seeing how scams were plaguing this industry. It was affecting so many crypto enthusiasts as well as the crypto projects themselves, and just overall being a huge pain for this industry and something that might hinder it’s development.

As we were mining data for our monitoring software for the blockchain industry, we realized that this massive amounts of data we had accumulated on the crypto projects could also be very useful to fight phishing and the scammers behind them.

Since we are in constant contact with crypto projects owners we could maintain it as up to date as possible, so we set out to create a free chrome extension to do just that, and it’s only the beginning 🙂

How does it work exactly ?

It will sit quietly in your chrome’s toolbar, and you’ll be able to tell in a second if you’re visiting a real website or not, simply by looking at the badge that appears on the icon, it will indicate different states :

  • green shield : the page (website or social channel) you’re on is an official one validated by us, meaning that it’s the one the crypto project’s team listed on their official website
  • dark green shield : it’s the official one and it was confirmed to us by the crypto administrators themselves
  • red shield : it’s a known phishing scam and you should stay as far away as you can.
  • gray shield : is for unknown channels that are not listed in our database yet.

The extension leverages our database, that we spent months working on, mining data frommultiple sources, organizing and filtering everything, and collaborating directly with crypto projects owners to validate the veracity of the information we gathered, and checks the website or channels you’re actually visiting against it.

We have listed more than 21000 different channels (websites, social groups etc..) to date on 17 different platforms and have attached them to their official entities and we started the process of getting as many of them certified by the actual team by reaching out and collaborating directly with them.

And finally, the other feature of the extension is the ability to check any wallet address against our database containing both official crypto wallets and scammers wallets that we encountered and/or were flagged by our community, to be sure that you’re sending your cryptos to the right project / ICO address!

Note : It’s important to understand that we do not make any subjective judgement on cryptos and ICO projects, it is still your responsibility to do your research and chose the projects you want to back with your money, what this extension does, once you’ve decided, is to make sure you are indeed interacting with projectAcme and not pr0jectAcme ( with a zero instead of the letter o ).

What’s next ?

Our main goal going forward is to continue improving the extension, both on the UI and data fronts, to make it as useful, protective and up to date as possible, all the while adding more features to it.

All feedbacks are welcome, we truly value our users’ opinions and look forward to hear what you think and how we could improve, feel free to leave us a comment below !


Thank you for reading, and stay

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