is the first brand monitoring tool for the blockchain ecosystem. We specialize in helping ICOs and Cryptocurrencies monitor any mentions of their brand to improve community engagement and brand awareness.

Started in December 2017 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania,  we created a web platform that will be key for any community management aspect of the crypto ecosystem.

The team consists of 10+ team members with more than a decade working online, running multiple successful projects across different industries, but always based on data aggregating and processing, using the latest technological innovations and data mining techniques.

What is blockchain ecosystem monitoring?

Social media measurement or social media monitoring is a way of defining popularity of a brand or company from social media channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Steemit, Bitcointalk, Youtube, and big news media outlets such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Bitcoinist, etc .. in other words, this is the way to measure the success of social media marketing strategies used by a company or a brand. It is also used by companies to gauge current trends in the industry.

Cryptocurrencies are counting on communities to engage and find new investors, ( link to blog use case > article find and engage) as a lot of the funds needed for an ICO are raised through brand awareness among the crypto enthusiasts. Keeping track of your mentions among specific crypto related channels such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit .. is a daunting task and calls for 24/7 investors support to achieve success and positive brand outcome.

Thanks to our monitoring tool, you will be able to define your own keywords and filter through over 25000 channels where people could be talking about you.

If you could know when someone is asking a question about your crypto/ICO on a subreddit you’re not subscribed to, what are the chances of you engaging with that person?

This could lead to great community growth and help you focus your marketing efforts.

With the increasing number of scams out there, you will be able to spot any negative comments about your brand and address them right away. Negative feedback and scams are an all around the clock issue when raising funds or maintaining your current market cap. Having investors hodl the token/coin of your project is key to bring it to fruition.

Creating content is key for brand exposure, although, tracking its impact can be challenging.  Thanks to our monitoring tool, you will be able to evaluate the number of mentions related to a keyword used in a specific campaign ( link blog use case >  pr productivity article) or the global impact of a recent marketing initiative (i.e interviews, news media featuring, etc .. ).

In such a new and young market, knowing what type of strategy will work with your investors and customers is an everyday challenge. By searching for keywords that worked for some of your competitors, you’ll be able to make more educated decisions going forward.

Whether you’re an established cryptocurrency, an ongoing or pre-sale stage ICO, an ICO agency, an organization or really anyone working within this space, contact us to get access to our free trial and start growing, engaging and improving every aspect of your community.

The team @deepcoin

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